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The Story

You are passing through a small English town at the turn of the century and decided to spend the night at a hotel. You are brutally murdered at the early hours of the night. During your last moments you cursed your assailant and wished for the ability to avenge your death.

To your luck a djinn was passing by and granted your wish, but with a twist. He has taken your memories and wants you to solve your own murder and kill the one who wronged you. You only have a certain time before the djinn is bored of this game, and if you murder the wrong person he will steal your soul and damn you for eternity. If you manage to get the right person before your time is up the djinn will take your assailants soul instead and allow you to continue your life where you left it.


Gamejam game, mostly complete.

Dialog was a little rushed but hopefully you can figure out who killed you!

In order to get a better exploration experience I need to add environmental items and cross referencing. Didn't plan that out until too late realizing I needed that to make a better investigation.

As always, source code is available: on Gitlab

More information

Published 12 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorDomagoj Jursic
TagsExploration, Mystery, text-based
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


iosib.love (153 kB)
Version 0.1.1 12 days ago
iosib-win64.zip (3 MB)
Version 0.1.1 12 days ago
iosib-win32.zip (2 MB)
Version 0.1.1 12 days ago
iosib.appimage (10 MB)
Version 0.1.1 12 days ago

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